Holiday cottages, holiday rentals, self catering cottages, apartments, bed and breakfast in France, Spain and Italy
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Search your accomodation among a large selection of privately owned holiday properties : holiday cottages rentals and b&b in France, Spain, Italy.
Gite01 features a fine collection of holiday properties across the most popular places.

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  1. 1. Should I book through Gite01?

    No, as is not an agency, therefore visitors book direct with the owners.
    We never interfere in negotiations, and do not receive any commission on bookings.

  2. 2. How to contact the owners?

    Each ad shows at least one phone number per owner's accommodation and a dedicated contact form allowing the you to contact the owner by email.

  3. 3. How to book direct with the owners?

    We advise you to ask for the most accurate information from the owner, and if you are interested in renting his property to ask him to send you the whole description of the rental by mail, together with two copies of the contract, and its booking conditions. Do not pay any amount before signing the contract.

  4. 4. Rental contract ?

    The rental contract is not obliged between individuals, but highly recommended. Check it and pay attention to : dates and times defining the term of the lease, the amount and payment terms of rent, charges, local taxes, equipment to enjoy exclusive or shared, the amount of the deposit .
         A signed agreement facilitates the actions in case of disagreement or dispute, if the actual service differs from what was agreed.
    If non-compliance is minimal, we recommend that you focus on negotiation: agreement as a discount, on duration length, moving to another accomodation, etc..
    Should no negociated agreement be found, take pictures, collect witnesses, refer to a local usher within three days, and then request a refund by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

  5. 5. Deposit or down payment ?

    To be paid at the time of booking, they amount often from 25 to 30% of the booking rate, but are different:
         - Deposit allow the tenant to withdraw, but is kept by the owner in compensation for his loss.
    In the case where the owner cancels the agreement, he must compensate you double the amount of the deposit (France).
         - Down payment commits you to the entire rent. Should you cancel, you are liable for the total rent expected or at least the amount for the period that the accomodation cannot be rented to somebody else.
    In case of your cancellation is due to unforeseeable and insurmountable reasons, you may be exempted from this obligation, providing the owner with solid justification to support it.
    If cancellation is due to the owner, your moral prejudice and material damage (compromised holidays, spending constraints accordingly...) allow you to claim for compensation.

  6. 6. Insurance, inventory and guarantee ?

    The owner can request a copy of your insurance certificate against rental risks. It can be included in the insurance contract for your main house, or else you must have a specific contract.
         Guarantee : set by the owner, this sum is intended to cover any possible damages caused under your responsibility for the duration of your stay. It will be requested upon arrival, often at the same time as the final payment.
         The inventory (equipment, counters, general condition) will be set by the owner and yourself at the start and at the end of the lease. Any deviation (deterioration, damage, loss) between the two states can justify a deduction from the deposit.

  7. 7. Local tax ?

    In some municipalities, a tax has been set to cover tourism development costs on their territory. The owner usually bill the tenant for the repaid to the collector of the municipality.

  8. 8. Need to contact Gite01 ?

    If you wish to contact us, please use the website general contact form : contact us



  1. 1. How works Gite01?

    We are an independent advertising website for self catering holiday accommodation and b&b throughout France, Spain and Italy.
    We are not an agency. Our members pay only once a year for reasonable advertising costs.
    No commision on bookings, no additional paid services, just an annual fee for their ads.
    Our aim : provide holiday cottage owners with a reliable, cost-effective and highly successful source of advertising.

  2. 2. What sort of accommodation can I advertise ?

    Accommodations as cottages, bed and breakfast, villas, guest houses, apartments, chalets.
    The accommodation must be your property, be provided in accordance with its country legislation, be in a state fit for habitation and your renter activity be duly declared.

  3. 3. My property is labeled : may I advertise on Gite01 ?

    Of course, you can make it known through Gite01 to potential holidaymakers, and proceed as usual for your bookings, as you remain in perfect control of your property and incomes.
    Feel free to mention your label when advertising, since it is a guarantee of quality to our visitors.

  4. 4. What do I need to register and submit my ad ?

    To register, you only need an e-mail and a password. These data will be your key to access your account and manage your ads.

    Before you place an ad, be prepared with :
    - A complete description of your property (headline, facilities, your rates)
    - Up to 15 pictures on your computer (landscape sized preferred)
    - GPS data of the property
    - Coupon code to receive your discount (if you got one)
    - The e-mail address of your sponsor if you have been referred to Gite01 by a member.

  5. 5. May I place several ads ?

    Yes, of course. You may advertise and manage as many ads as properties to be advertised.
    However, we remind you that :
    1 - You can describe several homes of similar category in the same ad (example: 3 cottages)
    2 - You need to advertise two separate ads for different categories of accomodation (ex : 1 cottage + 1 b&b = 2 ads)

  6. 6. How are potential renters to contact me ? visitors can contact you :
    - by phone: you can enter two numbers, one of them being published automatically
    - by contact form : your e-mail address never appears on (Note : your e-mail will be known to your potential tenant as soon as you reply to his enquiry via your usual software (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc...)

  7. 7. Where can I find the rules of the website ?

    The Terms and Conditions of website are here : Terms and Conditions
    You must accept them in order to register, so we kindly ask you to read them carefully.

  8. 8. What is the price for ads ?

    You will find every useful information here : Tariffs.
    If you got a coupon code, the discount will be applied to all related announcement made before a deadline.

  9. 9. Are there any additional paid services on Gite01 ?

    NO, at all
    Your annual fee for advertising allow you the following FREE services :
    - One week in Homepage Featured Ads (see our terms)
    - Free promotions on our pages Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
    - Our Sponsorship Program (you can get a permanent discount up to -25% and 5 blue stars Gite01)
    - Upgrading to the ad list top ranking, twice a month
    - Inserting a link to your personal website on your ad

  10. 10. How can I pay for my ad ?

    Two methods are available :
         • online through secured PayPal, with credit card.
         • by bank transfer or swift

  11. 11. Will I get an invoice ?

    Of course. You can download it as PDF file, save it to your PC, and print it.
    Free download software to read PDF here:

  12. 12. Coupon Code : what is it ?

    During a promotion campaign, a coupon code allows the owner to get a discount on the normal price for all ads placed before the expiry date of the promotion.

  13. 13. Sponsorship program : what benefits ?

    It allows members (registered property owners), who refer friends to Gite01, which have registrated and placed at least one ad on, to get 10% permanent discount on every new ad and on the annual renewal of their current ads.
    The program limit is five referred friends per member, who can get permament discount on their account up to 50% of the basic rate.

  14. 14. Sponsorship program : what shall I do ?

    - First, you need to be a member and place one ad on
    - To get the 10% permanent discount, your referred friend will have to enter your account email address during his registration
    - Your referred friend must then place and pay for at least one ad

  15. 15. How long are ads published ?

    Each ad is published for one year from online publishing date, except early removal (see our Terms and Conditions).

  16. 16. How to renew my ad ?

    Before each anniversary date, only you decide to stop or continue your ad.
         Note: we do not impose automatic renewal, so we leave you complete freedom.
         We will send you a reminder 10 days from the end of your ad and another reminder to 3 days from the term.
         If you do not want to continue, we simply desactivate your ad and your account.
         If you enjoy our service, it is very easy to renew your ad from your account, for a further year of collaboration.

  17. 17. My account : what services can I access ?

    - Your availability calendar
    - Very simple to use and immediate updates
    - Easy-to-use availability calendar
    - Changes of texts and photos at any time
    - Free upgrading on ranking ads lists
    - Featured Ads on First Page

  18. 18. How can I upgrade my ad on ranking ads lists ?

    From your Owner's Area in one click, every period of 14 days.

  19. 19. How many photos may I upload ?

    You can insert up to 15 photos with your ad. They should preferably be in landscape format.
    For fast uploading of your photos, avoid big sizes and prefer photos files under 1MB if possible.
    You can resize photos with small free software to download on the web (example : VSO Image Resizer)

  20. 20. May I insert a link to personal website on Gite01 ?

    Yes, provided that the target page of your website is accessible, and the site as a whole, is devoted to your vacation rental properties. It will be promoted on your Gite01's ad, and you should receive many enquiries through it.

  21. 21. How to promote my ad on Gite01 homepage ?

    If you insert a permanent link on one of the main pages of your site, towards, you will win a week in Featured Ads on First Page for your ad.
    Your link make you win one week of exposure in the homepage, per year subscription, within the limits of available tracks. Do not hesitate to contact us, by the contact form and we will provide you with our link, text and image.

  22. 22. How to contact Gite01 ?

    A contact form is available here : contact
    We can give you help, advice and will answer your requests as soon as possible by e-mail.

  23. 23. Gite01 is strongly linked to quality and trust

    Periodically, as a member and client of Gite01, you receive e-mail messages with useful information.
    These messages have no advertising purposes, only trying to improve our service.
    By the way, we publish virtually no external advertising on, for the convenience of visitors, and respect for our members.